Scholarship & Grants Recipients

VASN Grant and Continuing Education Scholarship Recipients 

During the Annual VASN Fall Conference, VASN recognizes its members for achieving advancing the professional practice of school nursing. Certification represents a national standard of preparation, knowledge, and practice and is a voluntary process. Four grants of $150.00 each are available to members who have earned their certification credential through the National Board for Certification in School Nursing (NBCSN) in the past year. Eligible members may submit the NCSN Grant Application form by October 5th.

Professional Development Grants of up to $100.00 each are available from VASN to members who have participated in a professional development activity for which they are presenting or are being recognized at a NASN National Conference or other nursing venue. Eligible members may submit the Professional Development Grant Application form by October 5th.

In addition, VASN members who are furthering their nursing education towards a higher degree may be eligible for a scholarship that supports continuing education. A maximum of two $150 scholarship recipients will be announced at the annual VASN conference. Eligible members may submit the Scholarship Application form Continuing Education Scholarship Application by October 5th.

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