What is unified membership?
The Virginia Association of School Nurses, Inc. (VASN) is an affiliate organization of the National Association of School Nurses, Inc. (NASN). This relationship provides VASN with seat on the NASN Board of Directors. VASN has agreed that members of the organization must belong to both VASN and NASN. Membership dues are collected and managed at NASN national headquarters.When member join NASN, they automatically become members of VASN. As an affiliate organization, VASN has a combined dues structure with NASN that reflects dues based on the membership level. 

What are the benefits of joining NASN and VASN membership?

Visit NASN's online Member page to learn more about the benefits of joining, click here.

How much are the dues for NASN and VASN membership?
There are several different classes of membership.

NASN and VASN annual dues for various membership levels are as follows:

Active or Associate $155.00
Retired $89.75
Student $87.45
Member-at-Large $147.00
Corporate $323.25

Can I pay my dues in installments?
NASN and VASN members can pay their dues in one annual payment or in quarterly installments. If a member selects quarterly billing frequency, the annual dues plus an annual fee of $5.00 is spread out over the membership year. NASN will automatically charge the member's credit card every three months for a portion equal to one-fourth of the total amount. The automatic payments will continue into the next membership year unless the member notifies NASN to terminate the dues.

How do I update my address, email, telephone or other information in my NASN membership record?
Visit your NASN Member Profile, log in, and click on “Edit Your Member Profile” under Membership Tasks on the right-hand side.”

How do renew my dues?
Both NASN and VASN dues are renewed by entering the NASN Member Portal. Simply click here. You may also renew using the form that is mailed to you.

How do I join or reinstate a lapsed membership with VASN and NASN?
To join or reinstate your membership, click here.  You may also complete an application at a regional VASN meeting or at the VASN and NASN Annual Conferences.

Will I receive a notice to renew?
Renewal notices to current members are emailed and mailed prior to the member's anniversary date of payment. Unified NASN and VASN membership is based on an Anniversary of Payment Date. 

Talking Points on Why You Should Join VASN and NASN
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Contact VASN at with your questions.