National Certification

Congratulations to all of the following school nurses who have attained voluntary certification by examination through National Board of Certification of School Nurses (NBCSN) rigorous national credentialing process. This certification validates school nursing competency based upon professional standards and advances the quality of school health services to the Virginia's students. The Credentialing Process for the National Board of Certification of School Nurses has parity with many of the school professional employee's certification process such as the national teacher certification.

Ahlgrim, Laurie
Allen, Diane
Barry, Margaret
Bellamy, Gina
Bergey, Norma
Bruch, Kae
Cameron, Belinda
Campbell, Tiadawn
Carroll, Ellen
Chandler, Deborah
Cox, Marcia
Doyle, Chrystal
Dyer, Linda
Ferguson, Jane
Field, Cynthia
Flynn, Sherri
Frezza, Kristen
Galarza, Natalie
Gray, Frances
Harper, Mary
Hoagland, Susan
Hokana, Colette
Holladay-Hollifield, Dana
Huggins, Althea
Ingalls, Kelly
Jarvis, Mary
Johnson, Louisa
Johnson, Valarie
Jones, Jennifer
Kelsey, Lisa
Knox, Patricia
Kokulis, Nancy
Lailari, Stefani
Luong, Hope
Markley, Nancy
McKneely, Maria
Mertsock, Shannon
Miller, Jany
Mills, Kathleen
Moore, Angela
Peirce, Kamella
Pettit, Malissa
Pisciotta, Amy
Prescott, Margaret
Ramsey, Connie
Robinson, Gretchen
Rose, Wendy
Rothacker, Carol
Shaw, Mary
Signorino, Diane
Snyder, Heather
Southall, Vickie
Sowala, Heidi
Sutton, Cindi
Thomas, Kelly
Torrance, Linda
Unhoch, Pam
Voelker, Diane
Vossberg, Karen
Wallsinger, Ginger
Walsh, Jane
West, Michelle
Whitby, Katherine
White, Na-Keisha
Wilkinson, Alisa
Wilkinson, Virginia
Wilmer, Alejandra
Wilson, Star
Wolfgang, Heather
Wood, Jasmine
Woody, Terry
Wright, Janet
Yonika, Lisa
Yow, Barbara
Zophy, Robin

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