2018 NASN Winter Board Meeting

Virginia’s NASN Director attends Winter Board Meeting

Thank you to all VASN Members for giving me this opportunity as NASN Director to forward the good works of NASN and VASN, and bring the Virginia experience in School Nursing to the national conversation.  I am looking forward to sharing the launch of new and revised NASN position statements and the status of the 2018 NASN legislative priorities in my next report to the VASN Executive Committee.  We were very excited that even before we stepped on Capital Hill that the legislation to fund CHIP for the next 6 years had already passed both chambers. NASN supports the Nurses for Under-Resourced Schools Everywhere (Nurse) Act, which is a demonstration grant program to fund School Nurses based on Title I designation (free and reduced lunch and breakfast).  The House Agriculture Committee will have a hearing on the 2018 Farm Bill, Tuesday February 6th, the Children’s Nutrition Reauthorization Act (CNR) that was recently rolled into the bill.  NASN urges Congress to pass the CNR that helps ensure children have access to breakfast and lunch.  NASN also supports the continued access of children to healthcare through Medicaid in the Schools and opposes attempts to implement block grant or per capita caps.

In Service,
Kae Bruch