VASN Call for Nominations


Deadline to submit nominations is June 13, 2019.

VASN has the following leadership positions open for nominations: President-elect and Secretary. If you would like to nominate someone for one of the following positions, please read the description of the duties below, and complete the nomination form. The nomination form can be found HERE



The duties of the President-elect shall include the following:
1. Have served in some capacity on Executive Committee before accepting nomination.
2. Promote the mission and goals of VASN.
3. Assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
4. Complete the term of President in the event the President is unable to complete his/her term.
5. Work closely with the President to coordinate the work of the organization in order to assume leadership and to provide continuity in transition to President.
6. Maintain ongoing communication with Executive Committee.
7. Coordinate the installation of the newly elected officers program at VASN annual conference, and provide assistance to the conference committee during conference.
8. Purchase appropriate gifts for the outgoing President (such as an engraved pewter plate or plaque, and business cards) to be presented following installation of officers at annual conference
9. Chair the School Nurse of the Year, Private/Parochial School Nurse of the Year, and School Nurse Administrator of the Year awards committee and the Ad-hoc Awards Committee.
10. Verify and update awards criteria following current NASN and VASN procedures.
11. Collaborate with chair of Private/Parochial Schools Special Interest Group in
selecting the PPSN school nurse of the year for that group.
12. Follow updated procedures in requesting nominations from eligible school nurse members in public school divisions and private schools.
13. Prepare and distribute electronic letters seeking nominations to eligible school nurses and coordinators. With guidance from eligible members, letters of nomination will be distributed to the members’ superintendents of public schools, heads of private schools, and directors of public health departments that employ the school nurses, notifying them of these awards and the application and time-lines for submitting them, as posted on the VASN website.
14. Prepare budget for position and submit receipts for expenses Treasurer.
15. Prepare article for VASN newsletter, The Courier, to include information about the awards and application process.
16. Validate membership eligibility of nominees with VASN membership chair and NASN membership Director.
17. Prepare blinded judging packets, facilitate judging process, and validate tally of scores.
18. Notify the President of the judges’ final decisions.
19. Coordinate the awards program at the annual conference including announcements of the VASN School Nurse of the Year, School Nurse Administrator of the Year, and/or Private/Parochial School Nurse of the Year including purchase of appropriate gifts.
20. Provide summary of most recent VASN SNOY/SNAOY/ PPSNOY recipients’ information for inclusion in the appropriate NASN affiliate or PPSNOY national judging according to NASN procedures and time-lines, typically by 1 December.
21. Serve as member of Finance Committee.
22. Serve as liaison with committees as assigned by the President.
23. Review all products and/or programs presented to VASN for acceptance. Summarize these products/programs and present recommendations as to agreement with VASN mission and goals at next scheduled Executive Committee meeting.
24. Perform such other duties as may be requested or assigned by the President and/or Executive Committee.
25. Prepare annual President-elect report for the President
26. Review each Special Interest Group (SIG) annually for compliance with SIG guidelines.
27. Attend President’s breakfast or luncheon and the leadership training session at NASN annual conference, as noted in the Handbook’s financial policy section.
28. Prepare budget for position and submit receipts for expenses to Treasurer.


The duties of the Secretary shall include the following:
1. Record and maintain the minutes of the proceedings of all meetings/conference calls of the Elected Board, Executive Committee and annual meeting.
2. Promote the mission and goals of VASN.
3. Send approved meeting minutes along with consent agenda and Executive Committee report to Technology Chair for posting on website.
4. Distribute reports to the Executive Committee members prior to each scheduled meeting.
5. Call roll of membership when required using most up-to-date roll provided by Membership Chair.
6. Maintain data bank of Executive Committee actions for organization history and reference at each meeting.
7. Provide ‘Motion Forms’ for use at Executive Committee and annual meetings.
8. Maintain written record of Executive Committee and annual meeting minutes, with motion forms attached.
9. Send correspondence as requested by President and/or Executive Committee, such as an annual letter to elected officer’s Superintendent/Director/Immediate Supervisor.
10. Maintain communications with Executive Committee members.
11. Prepare annual report for President
12. Provide ‘Request to Speak to Executive Committee Forms’ for any auditors/observers present.
13. Collect, keep, and destroy at end of term all ‘Conflict of Interest/Confidentiality and Consent to Serve’ statements of current Executive Committee.
14. Perform such other duties as may be requested or assigned by the President and/or Executive Committee.
15. Prepare budget for position and submit receipts for expenses to Treasurer.

Click HERE to download the Nomination Form.