Leadership Team

2020 Elected Executive Board

President: Gina Bellamy
President-Elect: Angela Moore
Secretary: Heather Snyder
Treasurer: Nancy Kokulis
Past-President: Hope Luong
NASN Director: Kae Austin Bruch

2020 Regional Directors/Co-Directors

Region I:       Natalie Galarza & Na-Keisha White 
Region II:      Heather Loushe (Seeking Co-Director)
Region III:     Alejandra Wilmer, Nancy Dayley & Colette Hokana
Region IV:    Stefani Lailari & Rene Pettit
Region V:     Vickie Southall
Region VI:   ——Seeking Directors—–
Region VII:   Mary Ellen Funk & Gretchen Robinson
Region VIII:  Deborah Steed (Seeking Co-Director)
PIPSN SIG:   Heather Felty

2020 Committee Chairs

Continuing Education: Kelly Thomas & Heather Wiesnieski
Historian: Karen McDaniel
Legislative Advocacy Chair: (Seeking)
Liaison Virginia Oral Health: (Seeking)
Membership Chair: Ronda Scriven
NBCSN Chair: Stefani Lailari
Parliamentarian: (Seeking)
PIPSN SIG Chair: Heather Felty
Professional Issues Chair: Rene Pettit
Remembrance Chair: Julie Hayden
Resolution & Policy Chair: Alejandra Wilmer
School Nurse Day Chair: Katherine Whitby
Technology Chair & Social Media Chair: Jasmine Wood
Ways and Means Chair: Lindsey Poore


If you are interested in pursuing a role as an elected officer or know of someone who might be, please submit a nomination by completing the form below. 

VASN Elected Officer Nomination Form

Send in the nomination with a brief bio-sketch to Michelle Prescott, mprescottvasn@gmail.com.