Private, Independent,and Parochial School Nurse (Special Interest Group)

The mission of the Private Independent & Parochial School Nurses Special Interest Group (SIG) (PIPSN) of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) and the Virginia Association of School Nurses (VASN) is to advance the practice of school nursing, and provide leadership in the delivery of quality school health programs in nonpublic school settings which include private, parochial, charter and tribal school communities.  This SIG represents PIPSNs throughout Virginia, and supports VASN programs and events.

In alignment with the national PIPSN SIG, the following goals are advanced:

  • To serve nonpublic school communities by promoting national school health standards to school administrators, faculty, and parents.
  • To serve nonpublic school health nurses by promoting professional development and by mentoring new school nurses.
  • To support nonpublic school health nurses by developing local, regional, and national networks that advance professional practice.
  • To recognize PIPSN leaders who have made far reaching contributions to the specialized practice of school nursing.
  • To serve VASN by contributing to statewide membership growth, attending annual conferences, and participating actively in VASN’s programs.

Membership in PIPSN is automatic by indicating on the NASN and VASN membership application that the nurse is employed or affiliated with a nonpublic private, parochial, charter, or tribal school.  (No additional dues are assessed for PIPSN membership.)  In addition, PIPSNs may opt to join the PIPSN discussion list.

Virginia PIPSNs attend their regional educational activities and events with their public school colleagues. In addition, PIPSN specific meetings, programs, and networking opportunities are offered at the state and national conferences.

To contact your VASN PIPSN Chairperson, send an email to Heather Felty at