During the Annual VASN Fall Conference, we recognize our members for advancing the professional practice of school nursing and reward several of them with Virginia Association of Nurses scholarships and grants. It’s our way of continuing education and helping shape a better future for Virginia’s school nurses.

If you’re a VASN member and would like to apply, please submit your application no later than October 5 of each year.

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VASN Scholarships

Two educational scholarships of $150 are available to VASN members who are furthering their nursing education towards a higher degree.

VASN Grants

Certification Grant

  • Certification represents a national standard of preparation, knowledge, and practice and is a voluntary process. Four grants of $150 are available to members who have earned their certification credential through the National Board for Certification in School Nursing (NBCSN) in the past year.

Professional Development Grant

  • Professional Development Grants of up to $100 are available to members who have participated in a professional development activity for which they are presenting or are being recognized at a NASN National Conference or another nursing venue.

NASN Scholarships & Grants

If you become a VASN member, you’re also eligible to apply for scholarships and grants presented by the National Association of School Nurses, including:

  • Research Grants
  • Endowment Education Scholarship
  • Advocacy Education Scholarship
  • RN to BSN Education Advancement Scholarship
  • New Member Scholarship

To access applications and for more information, visit the NASN website at nasn.org or contact (866) 627-6767.

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