Mental health encompasses not only our psychological health but also our emotional and social well-being. Our team at the Virginia Association of School Nurses believes every student deserves comprehensive support and access to behavioral health services in Virginia whether they are at home, in a classroom, or on campus. A healthy, safe, and calming environment is vital for students to succeed at home, in school, and into adulthood.

Is your child is suffering from an eating disorder, anxiety, self-injury, sexual assault, mood swings, bullying, or a mental condition? Please know that there are resources and health care professionals who can help wherever you are in Virginia.

Learn more about how school-based mental health services and substance abuse programs in Virginia can assist with symptom management, enhance coping skills, and prevent future setbacks. There is no shame in discussing these issues today with your primary care physician and educating yourself on the best quality care available for your child.

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